“Denise is the consummate interior design professional and a pleasure to work with. She has a wonderfully warm and delightful personality, and we made an immediate connection. I renovated my entire apartment, completely gutting the kitchen, my bedroom, bathroom and dressing room and one guest bedroom. Denise was the one joy in my life that I looked forward to seeing throughout this very stressful ordeal.

She completely understood my taste and was very thorough in selecting materials for my approval and was always willing to do more research when I was not satisfied. I am a very detailed person and she is an extremely detailed designer!! Denise is an experienced drafts person, meticulous in the measurements and always available to supervise the contractor and all installations. This, to me, was most important. She also researched many things for me, i.e. a professional from England for proper lighting, placement and installation of an extensive art collection (including materials on windows to protect the art work from the sun) and using feng shui in the redesign of my apartment.

She had an uncanny ability to select items and materials that met my approval. The colors in my apartment flow from one room to another and color choices compliment the art work and a large book collection.

I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who is undertaking either a small or large project..” —E.A., NYC

“ . . . You've been so supportive and complementary with things.  It's been so nice because I’ve never felt, “ Oh my God, now I have to throw another ‘ in-your-face piece of art/furniture' at Denise and what’s she going to think. On the other hand, the muted blues in the bedroom I would never have done without your gentle persuasion (and I love it!). Given a chance, a little bit of this and a little bit of that would have crept in and the whole thing would've been ruined - love the way it looks. Thank you for your patience and support!!" ⎯From L.L., Hong Kong

“I had previously worked with an interior designer, and I felt I had to accommodate their vision instead of what mattered to me personally. Denise encouraged me to think in creative and affordable ways, not only to satisfy my design goals, but to keep me comfortably on track with my budget. Her keen sense of style and personal attention really empowered me during the whole process. I’ve always known that by recommending Kent Interiors to a friend, I’m giving them the best. Denise took the role of the interior designer to a new level.” —D., NYC & CT

“When I walk into my home, I feel as if it’s the space I had imagined I wanted, but didn’t know how to create.” —D. M., Cornwall

"When I met with Denise to help me out with my old farmhouse kitchen design, it took her about 10 minutes to totally understand my taste, my needs and the scope of the project. And she went way beyond the call of duty. When I was away for a few days she personally oversaw the contractors, solved huge mistakes with the lighting installation and called me to tell me it was under control. I had never asked her to do that, she just wanted to make sure it was done right.” —S. D., CT

“We really appreciate how organized you are and how you explain the process of our renovation as we go along.” —S. S., CT

“When I worked with Denise, it was the first experience of dealing with a decorator that worked for me. Both my husband and I have strong wills and runaway creativity. What she brought to the kitchen renovation was fresh, smart and doable. Her enthusiasm was infectious. Now every time I walk into my kitchen, I thank her for helping us make it possible and beautiful.” —B. B., CT

“We needed a designer to handle the total renovation project. We had known Denise from our time in Hong Kong. We knew the job would be done correctly and guess what, it was! We had a moderate budget for this renovation and she worked like crazy to stay within our price range.

Sometimes Denise had her own ideas and we had ‘OUR’ ideas. So instead of Denise telling us we must do it her way, she would give us the Pros and Cons and ALWAYS let us make the final decision. We appreciated that.

Denise was diligent about checking work crews and keeping a good eye on the head contractor. She was always there for deliveries, to check what condition everything arrived in.

My husband and I went with a ‘Modern theme’ for this apartment renovation. A big change for us... So thanks to Denise, we branched out with some new fun, bright color accents, which made the apartment look great. We love it.” —K. & M.G., Texas

“My old interior designer imposed his style on me and didn’t understand that I wanted something different. I can work with you because you listen to me.” —G. C., California

“Denise exudes cutting edge when you meet her. Her initial, primary interest is understanding your tastes, likes, dislikes and—most importantly--what type of experience you’re seeking for the room being discussed. Her recommendations, offered with the experience and underpinnings of a 25+ year design professional, represent what you’ve been thinking all along but were unable to articulate or visualize.

Denise’s home in Kent, CT flows seamlessly from one room to another, each with its own distinct experience. The kitchen has sophisticated custom wood moldings, antique French copper cookware displayed artfully, and high-end appliances. You can look into the living room at the crackling fire while working at the stove. Two oversize white chairs next to a large window look west to the pond, the property and contours of the Litchfield County hills. Outside the house awaits a multi-level, blue slate patio with fountains, teak furniture and a pool with a black bottom, making it look more like a pond. Poolside plantings provide contrast, depth and a feeling of elevation against the open field beyond.” —J. M., NYC & CT

designers say...

“I am a colleague of Denise’s and had the pleasure of working on a project with her. Through this process I came to trust and respect Denise’s work ethic and talents.

Denise has a clear vision of where she is going with a project, from beginning to end. She draws upon her client’s desires and creates an environment tailor made for them. She draws upon her vast design experience, pushing the envelope when exploring new materials. I have seen her adapt her wonderful taste level to accommodate many different budgets and types of clients.

When it comes to energetic people, I think Denise wins the prize!  She leaves no stone unturned, always with a smile on her face. I would highly recommend her to any client who wants to realize their dream space and enjoy the process as well.” —Mara Solow
Mara Solow Interiors, Pleasantville, NY

“I have worked with Denise Morocco as a professional colleague on a memorable project in a Park Avenue, NY penthouse. Denise is a pleasure to work with. Her sense of color is phenomenal, and her ability to narrow down a vast range of materials to a manageable set of choices for her clients is remarkable. Her loyalty and caring for her client’s best interests, which coincides with my work ethic, made our working relationship very fruitful and resulted in a beautiful project.

This kitchen was featured in the book, Country French Kitchens, testament to the successful result of our work together. I look forward to more opportunities to work with Denise. She is a true professional.”
—Alice Hayes, CKD, CAPS, Industry Partner ASID
Kitchens by Deane, Stamford, CT

“For six years I have had the great pleasure of working with Denise Morocco on several projects. Denise is organized, professional and creative—a rare combination of qualities. Denise draws in all who participate in the design process and enhances the experience and the result. She has a broad spectrum of resources that benefit her clients. She continues to research the marketplace in her fields of design and sustainability.

As a decorative artist for eighteen years, I see Denise has the unique ability to manage what can be a challenging and difficult process of developing and actualizing a shared vision. Denise keeps the project on track and makes it a positive experience. This takes talent, diplomacy, passion and commitment—all of which she has! Denise is a gem.” —Andrea K. Hutter, Fauxward Decorative Painting, Principal; We Green, LLC, CEO

professionals say...

“Denise and I worked together on the Kent Energy and Environmental Task Force . . . She is awesome. She really does love the concept of making homes and businesses more efficient and green. She is totally committed to it.

Denise and I were on the Kent Energy and Environmental Task Force in the Conservation and Alternative Energy Sub-Group. My experience with Denise is: she is AWESOME! If it weren’t for Denise, that Sub-Group wouldn’t exist — she really loves and believes in what the group stands for.

She is a self-starter who is motivated and exuberant about bettering the lives of everyone our group might touch. For example, saving energy in the Town Hall is a benefit, but the benefit of a better personal experience is equally important to her. And the expression “exuberant” is no exaggeration. She really does love the concept of making homes and businesses more efficient and green. She is totally committed to it.

To further support this, Denise has participated in a number of training seminars under the LEED organization. She really is a give it the “ALL” person and is a great thinker and problem-solver.

Denise’s energy, exuberance, attention to detail, willingness to give of herself and passion are inspiring and have captured my attention and admiration. I hope more of it rubs off on me...” —Kevin Herde
Equipment Engineer, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

“As a general contractor, I have had the pleasure of working with Denise Morocco of Kent interiors. The work we did together was a success due to her attention to detail and her extensive design experience. I look forward to working with her in the future.” —A. M., NYC